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简介:bone 【/bəʊn/ DJ /boʊn/ DJ US /bon/ KK US 】noun any of the hard parts that form the skeleton of the body of a human or an animal 骨头;骨 countable He survived the accident with no broken bones. 他在事故中幸免于难,没有骨折。 This fish has a lot of bones in it. 这种鱼多刺。 the hard substance that bones are made of 骨质 uncountable knives with bone handles 有骨质手把的刀子 having bones of the type mentioned 有…样的骨头的 fine-boned 骨质细密的 Alternate: -boned Idiom: a bone of contention a subject which causes disagreement and arguments between people 争执所在 Idiom: close to the bone British English, informal of a remark, joke, story, etc. 话语、玩笑、故事等 so honest or clearly expressed that it is likely to cause offence to some people 过于直率 His comments about her size were a bit close to the bone. 他对她的身材的评论有点过于直率。 Idiom: cut, pare, etc. sth to the bone to reduce sth, such as costs, as much as you possibly can 尽量削减(开支等) Idiom: have a bone to pick with sb spoken to be angry with sb about sth and want to discuss it with them 对某人生气,想与之解决;有理由反对(或恼恨)某人 Idiom: make no bones about (doing) sth to be honest and open about sth; to not hesitate to do sth 开诚布公;坦率直言 She made no bones about telling him exactly what she thought of him. 她毫无保留地把对他的看法照直告诉了他。 Idiom: to the bone affecting you very strongly 影响极强地;深刻地 His threats chilled her to the bone. 他的威胁使她不寒而栗。 verb to take the bones out of fish or meat 挑鱼刺;剔骨头 VN Phrasal: bone up on sth informal to try to learn about sth or to remind yourself of what you already know about it 钻研学习;复习 She had boned up on the city's history before the visit. 她在访问前对这座城市的历史先研究了一番。
bone(英语单词)n.(名词)[C]骨头,骨骼 any of the hard parts that form the skeleton of an animal&39;s ...
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