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简介:亚伯拉罕,基督教圣经里面的一位人物,据说是希伯来人的始祖。 Abraham was a Semite and Hebrew. He was called by God to be the father of the nation whowouldbringforth theseed that was promised to Eve tosave man. Heobeys God, God made promises with him. Land, Great Nation, Seed, Blessing to all nations Abraham was known for hisgreatfaith. His faith is composed ofthree things: knowledge, conviction, andtrust. Knowledge First of all trusts is Propositional - Abram's faith was in theword of the Lord - Knowledge. This one has to do with themind. There was some content for Abram to put his faith in. He knew thingsabout this God who spoke and promised. He knew that he wasn't to be afraid because this God would be his shield and hisvery great reward. Inorder for Abram to believe he had to know the one in whom he was putting his trust. He had to know God was trustworthy and faithful in His promises before he could believe. The gospel also must be filled with sufficient content to demand faith on thepart of the hearers Conviction The second element of faith is assent or conviction. This one has to do with the will. The Hebrew word for believe in the text comes from the Hebrew word 'aman. Some have suggested that Abram voiced his 'Amen' in audible response to the word of God. Abram assented to the knowledge and statements God made concerning his promises. "Yes, God I believe you will provide theheir through mybody and my offspring will be as numerous as thestars. This is an important element in the faith of an individual in that they must ascent to a set of propositions but thethird element andfinal element of faith is essential to a biblical understanding of faith. Trust This element of faith has to do with theheart. Theologically faith has been divided into two categories: Assensus and Fiducia. We justlooked as Assensus now we want to look at fiducia or trust. Faith is knowledge moving toward conviction, and is conviction moving toward confidence. Abram's faith was not merely in the word of the Lord but in the personal Lord Himself. Abram believe the Lord. And it was the Lord who justified him not his faith. First of the Hebrew patriarchs, revered by Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Genesis tells how Abraham, at 75, left Ur with his barrenwife Sarai (later Sarah) and others tofound a new nation in Canaan. There God made a covenant with him, promising that his descendants would inherit theland and become a great nation. Abraham fathered Ishmael by Sarah's maidservant Hagar; Sarah herself bore Isaac, who inherited the covenant. Abraham's faith was tested when God ordered him to sacrifice Isaac; he was prepared to obey but God relented. In Judaism he is amodel of virtue, in Christianity he is the father of all believers, and in Islam he is an ancestor of Muhammad and a model (in Sufism) of generosity. 活动时期为西元前2000年初希伯来族长之首,为犹太教(Judaism)、基督教(Christianity)和伊斯兰教所崇敬。据《旧约。创世记》(Genesis)所载,亚伯拉罕七十五岁时受主召唤,离开乌尔城(Ur),携带不孕的妻子撒拉(Sarai)和其他人至迦南(Canaan)建立新国家。神与他定约,其后裔将来会继承这块土地,并成为大国。后来亚伯拉罕果与其妻之婢女夏甲(|Hagar)生下一子以实玛利(Ishmael),之后撒拉生下嫡子以撒(Isaac)。当主要求亚伯拉罕牺牲以撒以考验其忠诚时,他也准备遵命,但主后来态度软化了。在犹太教里,亚伯拉罕是美德的典范;在基督教里,他是所有信徒之父;在伊斯兰教里,他是穆罕默德的祖先和宽大的楷模(于苏菲教派〔Sufism〕)。 亚伯拉罕:名字的意思是 “众人的父” 原为希伯来文,意为"民族之父"。后来,它演变成"物之父"的意思。大多万数人将ABRAHAM形容为高大壮硕留着胡子的领袖,诚实,庄严,聪明,像亚伯拉翰林肯总统一样
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