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honorary fellow是什么意思?芝士回答
honorary fellow 网 络 荣誉院士;名誉会员;荣誉资深会员 双语例句 1.I agree to be nominated as an ...
Honorary Fellow definition - Law Insider
The title of Honorary Fellow does not constitute membership in the Society.. To be eligible for Honorary International Fellow, an individual shall have met all the criteria for Honorary Fellow and shall reside outside the United States.. To be eligible for Honorary Fellow, an individual shall have (1) demonstrated achievement and contributed noteworthy services in any field of endeavor, (2 ...
Honorary Fellow:名誉会员
Honorary Chairman AdvisoryCommittee(Industry)Co-operativeEducation Centre HonoraryAdvisor ...
honorary research fellow是什么意思-微思作业本
honorary research fellow是什么意思 honorary research fellow是什么意思荣誉研究员(Honorary Research ...
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